Mahaprabhu Sannyas Lila


They all opposed Mahaprabhu’s sannyasa. Some of them raised their voices in protest: “You—Kesava Bharati! We won’t allow you to give sannyasa to this young man. He has a family, his mother and wife. We won’t allow it. If you give sannyasa to this charming, young, beautiful boy, we will break down your asrama immediately. It can’t be!”

But Nimai Pandita kept pressing for sannyasa. At last, Kesava Bharati asked him, “So, you are that Nimai Pandita about whom we have heard so much? Many big scholars came to conquer Navadwipa, the famous seat of learning, and You have defeated them all. Are You that Nimai Pandita?” “Yes,” said Nimai. Kesava Bharati told him, “I can give You sannyasa, but You must take the permission of Your mother—otherwise I won’t, I can’t do it.” Nimai suddenly began running towards Navadwipa to ask permission, but Kesava Bharati thought, “He has such a commanding personality, He can do anything.”

Nimai was called back. Kesava Bharati told him, “With Your most extraordinary personality You can do anything. You will go there, charm Your guardians, get permission, and return. Nothing is impossible for You.”

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Guardian of Devotion N40

Lectures and personal talks with Srila Sridhar Maharaj

“The Faults You Find May Be Your Own”

There must be some affectionate heart within

Srila Sridhar Maharaj: We go to judge in the case of others: “Why should he receive all this mercy? He has got so many defects, so many disqualifications, an opposing attitude. Why should he be accepted or given any chance?”
But we want mercy for ourselves:
“Don’t come to judge me because then I have no hope, my Lord.”

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