What kind of compassion is indicated by the phrase “more tolerant than a tree”?

The phrase “more tolerant than a tree” indicates that although a tree is cut, it does not protest. Rather, it helps others by its shade, fruits, and flowers. Similarly, Krisna’s devotees should show greater compassion than a tree by helping everyone whether friends or enemies. Such compassion is the ornament of the non envious devotees who chant the holy names.

Can one who is impatient engage in the worship of Hari?

For the practitioner of devotional service, dhairya, patience, is extremely necessary. Those who possess dhairya, patience, are called dhira, sober. When men lack this quality, they become restless. Those who are impatient cannot work. By dhairya, patience, a practitioner controls first himself and then the whole world.
(Sajjana Tosani 11/5)

Sri Bhaktivinoda Vani from Bhaktivinoda Vani Vaibhava

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