from Garga Samhita

A few verses from Garga Samhita, describing Giriraja’s glories.

Chapter 10
Text 14

The liberated soul said: Glorious Govardhana Hill, the king of mountains, is the personal form of Lord Krishna. Simply by seeing it, one attains the supreme goal of life.

Texts 18-19
Even though he has committed hundreds of sins, a person who on Mount Mangala gives gold in charity attains a spiritual form like Lord Visnu’s. That same result is attained simply by seeing Govardhana Hill. No other holy place is as sacred as Govardhana Hill.

Texts 20-21
O brahmana, simply by visiting Govardhana Hill one attains piety a hundred thousand times greater than the piety he would attain if on the sacred mountains
Rishabha, Kutaka, and Kolaka he had worshiped many brahmanas and given in charity ten million cows with golden horns.
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