Sri Prema-vivarta

Sri Jagadananda Pandit has written a beautiful description of the variegated conditions of the jivas in his book Sri Prema-vivarta (6.2-13).

krsna-bahirmukha hana bhoga-vancha kare
nikata-stha maya tare japatiya dhare

As long as jivas focus their attention on Krsna, they maintain reverence for Him. However, when they turn their attention away
from Krsna, they desire material enjoyment. Krsna’s deluding potency, maya, who is standing near them,
then binds them in her embrace.

pisaci paile jena mati-cchana haya
maya-grasta jivera haya se bhava udaya

The dharma of the jiva who has turned away from Krsna becomes covered, just as a person’s intelligence
becomes covered when he is haunted by a witch.

There are two types of entities: cetana, animate, and jada, inanimate. Animate entities are those that have desire and the power to experience, and inanimate entities are those that do not. There are also two types of animate entities: those who possess full consciousness (purna-cetana) and those who possess minute consciousness (ksudra-cetana). Bhagavan possesses full consciousness, and in His original feature He is Krsna.

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