Sri Guru Bhakti

Once at Srirangam, Swami Ramanuja was explaining to his disciples all that he had learned from his gurus. As he was talking about Tirumalai that was compared to Bhuloka Vaikuntham in those days. Suddenly he felt like seeing his disciple Swami Ananthazhwan who was at Tirumala and have darshinam of Sri Venkatachalapathy. There at Tirumala as per his guru’s aghya (order) Ananthazvan went to Tirumalai and after having darshan of Lord Venkatachalapathi, with deep devotion he started his work. He was successful in laying a garden with all kinds of beautiful and pleasant smelling flowers which were offered to the Lord daily. He also built a small pond for gardening . The garden is also there now and Lord Venkatachalapathi visits the garden and stays there for some time on the appearance day of Ananthazvan and also on Thiruvadipooram day. Swami Ramanuja was very glad to know that Ananthazvan had fulfilled his wish.. Swamy Ramanuja started his journey to Tirumalai with some of his disciples.
The first day he stayed at a place called Idaikazi.
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