Glory of Sri Nabadwip Dham

Glory of Sri Nabadwip Dham – Quotes

“I offer one prayer at the feet of all Vaisnavas.
O Vaisnavas, let my connection with Sri Chaitanya become firm.
By your mercy, allow me to become a resident of Nabadwip-dham.
This is my only request.”

“I am an evil worm in the hole of materialism, devoid of devotion, filled with lust, and insane with anger.
If you are not kind upon me, how can an evil servant of maya like me have any connection with Sri Chaitanya?”

“O Nabadwip-dham, please give me your mercy and appear in my heart. Only then will I be able to escape the clutches of illusion.
O Praudhamaya, protecting goddess of the holy Dham, you are the personification of mercy and the only hope for crossing over the troubles arising from ignorance.
O Vrddha Siva, protector of the divine abode of Nabadwip, be merciful unto me and let the holy Dham be revealed to me.
O residents of Nabadwip, devotees of Sri Chaitanya, kindly place your holy feet upon my sinful head.
Please hear glories of Nabadwip-dham.
Please hear this prayer of mine, that I may quickly attain the shelter of Sri Chaitanya’s holy lotus feet.”

“Although I am very low and fallen, taking the order of Sri Nityananda and Sri Jahnava-devi upon my head, I have here described the glories of Nabadwip-dham.

“Because I have been ordered by Them to write this book and because it is filled with the names of Sri Gauranga, Nityananda and Nabadwip, I cannot be guilty of any fault, although I am unqualified.”

“O devotees! In reading this work, please pluck from it the valuable fruit that will enhance your pilgrimage. If one reads this book while performing parikrama, the results of his pilgrimage will increase a hundredfold. This is the verdict of scripture. Bhaktivinoda Thakur, who sees himself as vile, low, and worthless, who aspires for the shade of the lotus feet of Sri Nitai and Jahnava, thus sings the glories of Nabadwip-dham.”

anatha-bandho karunaika-sindho!
samsara-bandhat kuru mam vimuktam
bhramani tirthan tava nama-ganair
drstva susadhun hari-deva-rupan

~Sarvabhauma Sataka – 96

O friend of the forlorn! O ocean of mercy!
Please liberate me from the shackles of this material world without delay.
Let me chant Your spotless pure name and visit the holy places
so that I may meet the saintly persons who are as good as the demigods.

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