Srimad Bhagavatam 11.2.42

Srimad Bhagavatam 11.2.42

भक्ति: परेशानुभवो विरक्ति-
रन्यत्र चैष त्रिक एककाल: ।
प्रपद्यमानस्य यथाश्न‍त: स्यु-
स्तुष्टि: पुष्टि: क्षुदपायोऽनुघासम् ॥ ४२ ॥

bhaktiḥ pareśānubhavo viraktir
anyatra caiṣa trika eka-kālaḥ
prapadyamānasya yathāśnataḥ syus
tuṣṭiḥ puṣṭiḥ kṣud-apāyo ’nu-ghāsam

When we are weak, dissatisfied, and hungry, we have the tendency, we have earnestness, to eat. Similarly, by our bhajan, after the surrender, the transaction that will go on will give us three things.

1. Bhaktiḥ: the tendency for divine service will increase with accelerated motion.

2. Pareśānubhavo: we will come to some conception of what is reality proper—what is Brahma, what is Paramātma, what is Nārāyaṇ, what is Kṛṣṇa, what is sat, what is chit, what is ānandam. We will have some sort of conception of all these principles and feel that we are advancing.

3. Viraktir anyatra: our indifference for other things than what is holy will increase.

Our withdrawal from the mundane world, from non-God and non-holy things, will also increase.
Just as when we take food, with every morsel our hankering for eating, and our weakness, decrease, and we feel satisfaction, so too we shall experience in our heart our progress towards our holy object…

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