About Srila Rupa Goswami pada

From Sri Rupa Goswami Socak

1) If Rupa Gosvami had not appeared in Kali-yuga, who would have opened the great store-house of vraja-prema and distributed its contents freely?

2) Just as a swan separates milk from water, who could have separated the rasas to taste them? Abandoning everything, he performed bhajana in Vrndavana and wrote his rasika literatures.

3) When the yellow forest flowers blossom and fruits ripen, he lived like a bee taking the nectar from lotuses – who could have understood the nectar he was collecting?

4) Who could have understood Krsna’s lilas in Mathura and Vrndavana? How could we have known the sweet vraja-lilas and the love between Radha-Madhava?

5) By the mercy of his lotus feet, all can sing about and attain such divine bliss. The surrendered Madhavadasa is always praying to embrace Rupa’s glories.

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