Only faith will help you

Srila Bhakti Rakshak Sridhar Dev Goswami

jane prayasam udapasya namanta eva
jivanti sanmukharitam bhavadiya-varttam

Hatefully giving up all intellectual attempts to understand the Supreme Truth, those who want to realize You should completely surrender unto You. They
should hear from self-realized devotees about Your holy name and transcendental pastimes. Whatever situation they may find themselves in, they should progress by fully dedicating their mind, body, and words to You. In this way the infinite, who is never conquered by anyone, becomes conquered through love. ( Bhag. 10.14.3)

The Bhagavata discourages this sort of scrutinizing knowledge. There is no end. If you take up this path of knowing, the jnana-marga, it won’t help to take you to the real place. Only faith will help you. It may help partly, to consolidate faith in the madhyama-adhikari at the beginning, but real help will come from the plane of faith. Brahma himself says, jananta eva janantu –“Those that are very proud of their intellect may know many things. Let them boast, those fools! But it is my conclusion that I do not know anything, O Lord. Your ways are infinite. Your every movement is infinite. So it is rather insanity to inquire about Your ways and nature. To pray forf Your grace and to act with submission – that is the right way to come to our desired end. Jananta eva janantu – let them be proud of their knowledge of analyzing this thing and that thing. There is no end! They will study for lives together a particle of sand – no end!”

So don’t go that side – that is a wild-goose chase! Come direct through the favorite disciple of the Lord and begin service. Take up that and gradually go towards ananda-marga. Sac-cid-ananda – go directly towards ananda. Don’t waste your energy in cit and sat. We are all desirous of getting ananda, fulfillment and ecstasy. Try to start your journey directly towards ananda, eliminating sat and cit.

To a certain extent, the help of sat and cit should be taken in – but only take so much and avoid the rest. No ambition should be fulfilled in their company. The intrinsic demand of your nature – that is for ananda, rasam, sukham – happiness. So direct your journey towards anandam… Krsna. And that is possible through devotion, dedication, and faith.

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