Dear object of my affection

Jagad Guru Gaudiya Gosthipati Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Goswami Prabhupada Letter

Dear object of my affection,

I have received a pencil written letter from you. If the living entity has bhakti for Bhagavān, he has no cause for dissatisfaction. On this Earth, it is only when we are averse to service to Bhagavān that we become subject to the results of our actions [karma]. As a result of our karma, we sometimes relish joy and love, and at other times, we feel sorrow and contempt. When understanding awakens about the necessity of serving Bhagavān, no suffering or pleasure will affect us.

Always apply your mind to the service of Bhagavān and no one will be able to harm you. If you become restless, or if you express dissatisfaction with anyone during your sojourn on this Earth, your mind will not gravitate to the subject of how to serve Bhagavān. Argument, violence, and mental perturbation or conflict will prevent you from serving Hari.

Therefore, equip yourself with the quality of tolerance, like a tree, and stay in Śyamanta-Pañcaka [in Kurukṣetra] as Bhagavān desires. Wait for the day that Śrī Gaurahari sends you elsewhere. If you can do this, you will meet with auspiciousness.

Your eternal well-wisher,
Śrī Siddhānta Sarasvatī

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