Good association, bad association

Vaktritavali by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Goswami Thakura Prabhupada

Due to an absence of hearing the topics of Hari from the mouth of saintly persons the bodily and mental propensities exhibit…

If by good association we are given the chance to remain aloof from people busy satisfying their animal propensities, only then can we hope for our own well-being. When people fall into bad association, they consider themselves expert and sometimes become crazy. We should not associate with anyone other than those engaged always in Lord Hari’s service. To worship Hari is the perfection of human life. Don’t waste time. Immediately start your worship of Lord Hari. With firm enthusiasm and confidence dedicate your human form of life to securing the ultimate goal.
If we waste time, other godless and sinful people will have the chance to approach us and influence us with their bad ideals.

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