Kabe Mui Vaisnava Cinibo

Song Name: Kabe Mui Vaisnava Cinibo

Official Name: Ucchvasa: Prarthana Lalasmayi Song

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura


Book Name: Kalyana Kalpataru


Language: Bengali


kabe mui vaisnava cinibo hari hari
vaisnava carana, kalyaner khani,
matibo hrdaye dhori’

1) Oh Hari, when will I be able to recognize a Vaishnava
The feet of the Vaisnava is the source of auspiciousness
Keeping those feet on my very heart I will be fully ecstatic


baisnava-thakura aprakrta sada,
nirdosa, anandamoy
krsna-name priti jade udasina,
jibete dayardra hoy

2) The venerable Vaishnava is always transcendental
He is innocent and joyous He feels pleasure in chanting the name of Krishna, at the same time he is oblivious to the material world He is deeply compassionate to the living entities


abhimanahina, bhajana
bisayete anasakta
antara-bahire, niskapata sada,

3) He is free of any grievance or unsatisfaction while he performs his bhajana
He is not addicted to material objects He is always free of any deceiving propensity both from his inside and outside He is deeply attached to the eternal pastimes


kanistha, madhyama, uttama prabhede,
vaisnava trividha gani
kanisthe adara, madhyame pranati,
uttame susrusa suni

4) He knows the Vaishnavas are of three kinds based on whether they belong to kanistha or madhyama or uttma stage He shows affection towards kanistha, offers his respect to madyama and intimately serve the uttama


je jena baisnaba, ciniya loiya,
adara koribo jabe
vaisnaver krpa,j ahe sarva-siddhi,
avasya paibo tabe

5) When I will be able to recognize a Vaishnava and shows affection to him The mercy of Vaishnava which gives one all perfection will surely be obtained by me


vaisnava caritra, sarvada pavitra,
jei ninde himsa kori’
bhakativinoda, na’ sambhase ta’re
thake sada mauna dhori’

6) The character of a Vaishnava is always very pure. The one who criticizes him due to enviousness Bhaktivinoda never converses with him He (Bhaktivinoda) always keep silent in such a person’s presence

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