Caturmasya’s real importance

Devotee: Maharaja token austerity for caturmasya, yoghurt fast, spinach fast, milk fast, dhal fast. So I am noticing this month…

Sridhara Maharaja: That is of less importance. The real importance should be given to self-giving. These are so many methods to promote that self-giving, atma-nivedanam. That is the real thing. The real capital and all these, they are devised only to help atma-nivedanam. Samarpanam, Prahlada Maharaja says in his advice. So many advices are given in so many places by so many scriptures. But the very gist of them is samarpanam, give yourself. Only to effect that all these advices have been devised, different ways, suiting to different environment. But the very substance for everything samarpanam. Just as the ghee is poured into the fire so put yourself into the fire Krsna and gradually give yourself into the hands of the sadhu, Mahaprabhu, Gauranga. Only doing some penances this or that, they are less important thing.

Main thing is you must bring out your capital, whole capital, yourself. Not satisfied by any part contribution to this or that. The whole self I want. Transaction of such things, give and take. Prema, love; there is not satisfied with penances this thing or that thing.
I want your heart, wholesale; the transaction of the heart, wholesale transaction. To ask their one pisa, two pisa, ten pisa; not question of that, wholesale business. If you give the heart, you’ll get the heart in exchange. The transaction. Mahaprabhu says in Sanatana Goswami’s case, if body is necessary in second I am ready to give my body crores of times. Body is also nothing. I am ready to sacrifice my body crores of times in a second. But that is futile. This body is nothing. A lump of flesh only samarpanam. That is what is necessary to get Krsna, the grace of Krsna; not this body, what to speak of other things. Penances, a little bodily pain or some mental pain, that is nothing. Wholesale. It is he and he has been snatched from him for your infinite trouble, folly. So repentence you are to give back his own thing for him with much penance, and much repentence. What have I done? I am yours. I could not find that. And I have come to acquire some benefit in a foreign land. Wholely I belong to you, your slave. That is my position. And I
revolted. And I am punished for my revolt. Now I come back, forgive me for my treachery, for my folley, and accept me. In this way. Unlimited ecstasy and you are all beggars of ecstasy of that quality. And I must come to personified. I went to wander in the foreign land for higher ecstasy. But I have been punished properly.

Divine Words of
His Divine Grace
Srila Bhakti Rakshak Sridhar Dev Goswami

(1981 recorded)

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