Light the fire the air will come

His Divine Grace Srila Bhakti Raksaka Sridhar deva Goswami Maharaj

“Svayam asiddhm katham anyann sadhayet” – far bigger than the previous statement is the following-“ Jare dekho tare kaho Krishna upadesa /Amar agnaya guru haiya tara ei desa.”

For those who are Gosthanandi sadhakas ( devotional aspirants who prefer to perform bhajan together with others ), they are oblivious of how much they get benefitted or harmed. Mahaprabhu has assured them by this sermon. In this order of Mahaprabhu they see their own and others real benefit. Even when you have not attained perfection you should still preach the holy name of Krishna. In this very instruction Mahaprabhu has given the right of preaching to the sadhaka (practicing devotee). During the time of Sripada Jajavar Maharaj’s sannyasa Srila Prabhupada has bestowed fearlessness on him by saying – Are you fearful? Why are you fearing? You are going to take shelter of the feet which bestows fearlessness, ’jadvibheti svayam bhayam’. To offer ourselves in the sankirtana yajna of Sriman Mahaprabhu is the only way in which each and everyone can be delivered. The one which we are practicing will cure all of our own diseases along with curing the material disease of the materialistic person. Die to live. The right to live is our birthright and we need to live with all the dignity a life should have. The fire of sankirtan can only revive our soul. ‘Bhashmi bhavanti rajendra mahapataka kotayom’. If you perform real Krishna kirtan then you will have no fear. The need is the fire of spirituality. To benefit oneself and other living entities “Amar agnaya Guru haiya tar ei desh”. The very listener will fan the fire of your sankirtan.

Once Sripad Bhakti Hridaya Bon Maharaj accidently entered a prostitute’s house when he went out to beg. After Prabhupada heard about it he referred this incident when he was speaking Harikatha, ”Did I commit a mistake? Those who left material things just as one leaves one’s own stool and left their houses to join, I am sending those boys again to the doors of materialists-why am I sending them? I have not committed any mistake. On this topic he told the story of two sadhus in Haridwar. Two sadhus saw a black blanket floating in the water of the Ganges. Seeing this when one of them went to take it out from water he was immediately embraced by the blanket. Actually it was a bear. When the bear was floating in water thinking of the sadhu as its protector it was embracing them. The other sadhu saw that he was not coimg out of the water with the blanket. Then he said,” Oh brothers leave the blanket and come back. The one in the water replied, “Brother I am leaving the blanket but the blanket is not leaving me”.

Similarly even if you want to stay away from material world, the material world will not leave you. Since a long time you have been so much intimate with it. Why will it leave you today when you want to dissociate yourself from it? For crores of birth you have been entangled in it. It has entered every part of your existence and has dethroned your very self. Therefore asking it to leave will not make it leave. It is a blatant truth. Therefore to remove it you also have to take very effective real course of action. “Indriyani manobuddhirsyadhisthanmjuchyate”. Your mind, your intelligence, your senses etc all these bases have been occupied by him. Hence it is natural that he will be more powerful. Still your very endeavor is to regain control of these lost bases. The science of Krishna is your only effective weapon (Brahmastra).

“ Tavadbhayasya bhet bhyam
javatabhyam anagatam agatantu bhayam bikshya
pratikuryat jathochitam”.

When you have declared revolt then you should also be ready for retaliation. You have to work hard. In the ‘Kamadinam sloka’ there is evidence of it. Therefore pushing back material objects will not make it leave. Yukta-vairagya (renunciation with proper connection) is the truly effective way of renouncing material objects. You have no other way but to adopt “Nirbandah Krishna sambandhe” .
In Prabhupada’s logo of Gaudiya two Bengali stanzas in his own handwriting –

Sri Hari sevaya jaha anukul
visaya boliya tyage haya bhula
Asakti rahita sambandha sahita
visaya samuha sakali Madhav

( Translation of it: Whatever is favourable to the service of Sri Hari it is a mistake to renounce it thinking it to be material object. Without attachment, in its proper relation all matters should be viewed as belonging to Madhav)

This is Prabhupada’s formula. Create your own neighbors and relationship.
’Jare dekho tare kaho Krishna upadesa ‘.
’Kabhu na badhibe tomaya visaya taranga’.
Be desperate for it . Totalitarian war. Whatever be your position remember it is the only way to survive. Sri Mahaprabhu has said, ” Don’t think that after making you come forward, I will not put any endeavour myself. Again you will get shelter in my association. You are a soldier. I am carrying all of your responsibility on me. In this very work you will find me.”

(This is a translation of Srila Bhakti Rakshak Sridhar Dev Goswami Guru Maharaj’s Bengali Hari Katha.)

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